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Please be aware that, there are some individuals out there especially on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, trying to impersonate several accounts including our genuine page “INTUITIVEGODDESSTAROT”. 

Always do double check the spelling of these fake accounts carefully as they usually “misspell” the name of the genuine account or page that they are impersonating by mixing up or leaving some letters out to trick you.  

They also may or may not use images stolen from genuine accounts so do be aware and educate yourself and your loved ones about these predators. Things to look out for are the number of images or contents the fake account(s) has POSTED on their fake page, check the number of FOLLWING and the FOLLOWERS of the accounts or page(s) and compare them carefully.  

These predators sometimes may or may not add an actual genuine link of the business page they are trying to scam people with, just to trick you. They sometimes just TYPE in the link address which of cause leads to “NOWHERE”. 

Their aim is to ask you for money by offering you the fake services that the genuine account provides on their page. INTUITIVEGODDESSTAROT will NOT in any circumstance randomly contact anyone to ask them to place any tarot reading services.


Please do report these fake accounts and scammers for your own safety and wellbeing, financially, mentally and emotionally.  

Sending you love and light. 

Stay safe. 

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