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Book A Tarot Reading 

Private tarot reading orders, normally take around 10 to 14 days after purchase to be delivered with exception of the Express Tarot reading service, which takes up to 48 to 72 hours to be delivered. 

Readings are done with a selection of tarot and a combination of oracle deck of cards and sometimes with a pendulum, depending on the question and how I feel lead by spirit and my intuition, to give you a more insightful understanding of your situation. 

Please do visit the confirmation page to complete your booking or purchase and also, to send your question(s) for the reading. Confirmation page can be found in the sub menu bar, under this page or click the link below.  

Accurate Express Tarot Reader Margaret.jpg
Delivery: Private YouTube Video, WhatsApp, Zoom 
Express Tarot Reading - Indepth
Intuitive High Priestess Tarot Reader-Margaret.png
Delivery: Private YouTube Video, WhatsApp, Zoom
60 Minutes Tarot Reading - Psychic Insights
Clairvoyant Pyschic Accurate Tarot - Margaret .png
Delivery: Private YouTube Video, Zoom
Up To 45 Minutes Tarot Reading 
Events Tarot Pyschic Clairvoyant - Witch.jpg
Delivery: In person & Zoom Tarot Reading 
Events Tarot Reading, 120+ Minutes - ASK
The Mini Love Life Tarot Reading - Intuitivegoddesstarot.jpg
Delivery: Private YouTube Video Only
Mini Love Life Reading - Up To 25 Minutes
The Mini General Tarot Reading - Intuitivegoddesstarot.jpg
Delivery:  Private YouTube Video Only
Mini General Reading - Up To 20 Minutes
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