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Disclaimer Of Liability: You accept all responsibilities and the risk for your use of services and products on this website.  

Disclaimer Of Age & Audience: This website and its content are indented for adult use only. This website is not indented for children under the age of 16.


Disclaimer No Guarantees: There are no guarantees for the predictions or the interpretations of tarot readings, product or serves offered on this website. Predictions or desired outcome may differ for each individual or groups that choses to use products or serves from this website. 

Disclaimer Note of Accuracy: The content on the website may be updated as and when required, therefore; the information on this website can and will be changed and will be accurate at the time of its current use. It is your responsibility to revisit this page to refresh your knowledge concerning the accuracy of products, services and the use of this website.  

Disclaimer Of Payments: When you purchase a product or tarot reading service from this website, you authorise Intuitive Goddess Tarot to charge the credit, debit card, PayPal or the account information you provide for the use to make a payment as stated on this website and or our other sales platforms.  Admin of this website reserve the right to cancel any order(s) for any reason. Cancellation reason may include incorrect pricing, non-payment, fraudulent order and such. 


Disclaimer for Refunds: Should you be unsatisfied with the service or product you purchased, you may or may not be eligible for a full or partial refund of the amount paid for the product or service, provided; you email admin as soon as possible or no later than fifteen days (15 days) after the original date or purchase. You may send your refund concerns here at or you can use the secure contact form on this website to submit your request. Should you receive any refunds means that, you may no longer have rights to use the product or service. Tarot reading refund policy can be fund here


Disclaimer for Guidance Limitation: Tarot Readers, Energy Healers, or Psychics are not regulated, licensed, or trained as a qualified therapist, medical or a legal advisor or any other similar profession. By using this site, you acknowledge that a Tarot Reader is not authorised to promise or attempt to provide you with services or product that may require a professional license. 


Disclaimer for Associates & Links:  This site may contain links to other websites or social media platforms that Intuitive Goddess Tarot admin is not responsible for the content on other websites. Should you have any interest or concerns about links on this website, you may direct your interest to the appropriate administration or webmaster.


Contact Information: Should you have any enquires or concerns regarding information on this website, you may send an email to, or you can use the secure contact form provided on the website here

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