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Hello and a warm welcome to my website, as you find yourself here, I believe you are either looking for some answers to some situation you find yourself in your life or you may be interested in finding healing on your own spiritual journey and I am here to assist you in doing that. 

I am an energy card reader and I use Oracle, Angel and Traditional tarot cards including pendulums for my readings with an experience of almost a decade.  


If you are new to Tarot or Oracle cards readings, allow me to assure you that there is nothing harmful or negative about using the tarot as a tool in gaining insights or indeed predictions in any situation that you might be concerned about. Just like anything in life can be used for both positive or negative, whatever the situation, tarot and oracle readings can be used for positive divination and a possible outcome.

As I have acquired more knowledge and wisdom through tarot reading experience over the years, my personal take is to be open minded and not stress about the answers the cards will reveal or the divination that will come out of your reading. Whatever the prediction of the reading, see it as an insight to prepare you for things that may or may not come your way if you're willing to take the message the universe reveals to you through your reading. 


When I do a reading, I will explain all the possible outcomes of what the cards depict, and I will use both my own intuition in combination with my Clair cognizance, Clairsentient and Clairaudient abilities. ​

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Although I have had all four Clairvoyant gifts since I was a very young child and growing up from a Christian background however; I never thought or knew these were what was described as psychic gifts.


If you are inclined to receive a reading from myself, I will be happy to be of service to you in finding some answers to your situation.  Reading is mainly done by private YouTube video, so you can access it as and when you want. 

The cards reveals the possibilities in your situation, so you can choose how to conclude it. 

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